RELAUNCHING as “Rising Whole”


First of all I want to say HI and thank you so much for still being on this email list and reading these posts! I am excited to announce that The Way You are Project is transforming entirely.

In the next week or so I am excited to fully launch “Rising Whole” which will not only be the podcast you all know and love but the blog content as well as an online platform for yoga, workshops, and meditation. All through a lense of Health At Every Size and Intuitive Eating as a way to help you get out of diet culture, and into your body so you can live your most powerful life.

I am so excited to launch this whole new experience and I want ALL of you to come along! I will be transferring my current email list over to the one for Rising Whole and you will receive a free guided meditation as well as more info when the platform fully launches.

Cannot wait to connect with you all!

In the meantime if you need anything feel free to connect with me at


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