Ep. 18- Intuitive Living and Body Attunement with Lucia Harmeling

Lucia + Brett

I am going to skip that awkward catch up that comes with me being off the show for almost 2ish years-don’t worry I am going to fill you ALL in on another one here, shortly-and just say that today’s guest and also my new friend and fellow Houstonian is, Lucia Harmeling!

Lucia Harmeling is a body attunement dietitian, a registered yoga instructor, and a devout Catholic. It is through her connection to God, her understanding of nutritional science, and her intuitive gifts that she works to serve others. Lucia is the founder and owner of Savorli LLC, a nutrition and wellness practice Houston, Texas. The focus of her practice is intuitive eating, health at every size, body respect, and body attunement. She loves incorporating the principles of yoga and values of Christianity into her counseling sessions. Lucia loves the outdoors, strong coffee, bluebell ice-cream, and spending time with her husband, Brett, and sweet pitbull, Roxy.

Today we talk about her path through recovery and finding intuitive eating. We also discuss intuitive living.  How using principles of intuitive eating and listening to our bodies can help lead us to our most empowered and embodied lives. We also talk about one of my new fave topics of discussion… YOGA! We discuss how yoga can be a tool to get in our bodies and out of our heads so we can live the life we are meant to live. We discuss body attunement and being connected in and *up*.

I had an amazing time talking to Lucia and I hope you enjoy the conversation. Join me in her Body Attunement series! I will be popping in on a couple of the middle sessions and I could not be more excited! I am looking forward to being here with you all again and walking this journey again.

Thank you so much for being exactly how you are. Until next time!

Ways to work with Lucia:

Lucia’s Website

Lucia’s Instagram 

More Info/Sign Up for the Body Attunement Series

Take a yoga class with Lucia!

Other resources mentioned in this episode:

Four Dragons Yoga Studio

Intuitive Eating

Linda Bacon, Author of Health At Every Size and Body Respect

Well Nourished by Andrea Lieberstein

Gallant Culture Branding and Marketing Agency

Anti Diet by Christy Harrison

Body of Truth by Harriet Brown

Body Kindness by Rebecca Scritchfield


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