Ep. 17- I am back! Pregnancy journey after eating disorder recovery


Hello everyone! I am back from a brief-ish hiatus. Let’s call this season 2 of The Way You Are Project. Life hit us pretty hard and fast and I am happy to announce I am pregnant! So this episode is just lil’ ole me talking about my pregnancy journey thus far through a completely different lense than last time.

I would love to hear your post ED recovery pregnancy stories, so send them my way at thewayyouareproject@gmail.com

I am also asking you to send me any and all questions you have that you’d like to hear answered on a FAQ kinda episode regarding: fat acceptance, body acceptance or body positivity, intuitive eating, health at every size, etc etc etc.

Resources mentioned:

Zelda’s birth story

My original ED post  * I will say that this was written fourish years ago and some of the language I chose (calling food garbage for example) is not something I do now, nor do I condone it in anyway. Other possibly triggering language could be present*

Linda Bacon

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