Ep. 16- Healing your intuition and metabolism with Caroline Dooner

Caroline Dooner

I am so excited to be able to bring you guys this interview (I know I say that every interview but REALLY!) Caroline and her work were seriously monumental in my full recovery journey. The “fuck it” if the fuck it diet really is the last little boost I needed to totally kick the diet mentality to the curb and I think you’ll find similar results. Her work is a great place to start in healing your relationship with food and your body and give up dieting- forever. We talk about what the fuck it diet ( I wanted to title the episode that but I knew iTunes would take it down) even is, we talk about food addiction, and the idea that if we let ourselves eat whatever we want we’ll become unhealthy bottomless pits (spoiler alert: we wont). We also talk about something I know you all have heard me ramble about before and that is REST!

Caroline is the creator of The Fuck It Diet, and teaches radical normal eating to chronic dieters. She also teaches intuition and advocates hardcore for #rest.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Caroline’s Website

Caroline’s Free Intro Course

The F*** It Diet Radio

Intuition Intensive



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